Brand Magic

Live or Pre-Record Events

Live or Pre-Record Events
Insert your Brand in Live or Pre Recorded Events

Insert brands live and in real-time in your broadcast! Brand Magic combines over 30 years of collective experience in live real time and post-produced Virtual Advertising.

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Virtual Product Placement

Virtual Product Placement
Push the limits of Creativity!

Brand Magic makes your brand come alive on the screen. Insert your product or brand in both a integrated yet impactful manner.

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Create New Inventory

Create New Inventory
Place your Brand Anywhere

Brand Magic allows advertisers to create new inventory. If you are an advertiser, now you can insert your brand in coveted, targeted locations, within proven properties.

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Our Services

BrandMagic specializes in Virtual Advertising and Virtual Product Placement for television and films.

We work either as a direct digital branding service provider for Agencies, Producers and Rights Holders, or as a strategic partner with Television Stations, providing new ad-sales inventory by inserting brands into previously unused locations in existing footage.

The combination of cutting edge patented technology, specialized marketing expertise and a group of talented artists allow us to partner with you to create seamless digital advertising and incremental revenue.

BrandMagic combines over 30 years of collective experience
  • Digital Branding
  • Virtual Advertising
  • Product Placement
  • Real-time Enhancements

We integrate the latest technologies with unique market and creative expertise to generate award winning innovative advertising.

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